What to Expect from Your Massage Therapy Appointment During the Covid-19 Pandemic

We will gradually reopen for massage therapy during the week of June 22. While we are very excited to resume massage therapy, we would like to also be upfront about the fact that some things will be different as long as the pandemic continues.

Due to the extensive disinfection protocol, we have decided that as we adjust to working during Covid-19, we will only be offering hour long massage appointments. We would also like to be clear that while the hour is reserved for you, only approximately 50 minutes will be hands on therapy. The remaining time is reserved for active screening for Covid-19, changing in and out of your clothing, and any exercise/home care instructions.

Our massage therapy appointment times will now have more time between each patient to allow the RMTs to thoroughly disinfect all touch points. All linens will be changed for every patient and they will be laundered with the highest heat setting possible.

Before Your Appointment:

  • You will be contacted by our staff to screen you for any Covid-19 symptoms and risk factors

  • You will also receive a reminder email with the Covid-19 self-assessment questions

When you Arrive:

  • Please arrive alone. If you need someone to escort you, that person accompanying you will also have to be screened and will be asked to provide their contact information for contact tracing.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled time to allow for Covid-19 screening by our reception staff.
  • As soon as you enter the clinic, you will be asked to either use hand sanitizer or wash your hands thoroughly. There are posted signs with instructions for you to properly hand sanitize and wash your hands.
  • Please adhere to spatial distancing guidelines. Our staff will help orient you to a waiting room chair if necessary. You will notice that all chairs are spaced 2m apart and that there are markings on the ground.
  • If you are arrive really early for your appointment, we ask that you wait in your car. Please call us when you arrive and we will let you know when we are ready to have you enter. This will help us minimize the number of people in our waiting areas.

During Your Appointment:

  • You will be required to wear a face mask for the duration of your treatment. If you have extenuating circumstances that make it difficult for you to breathe with a mask on, please discuss this with the RMT prior to your appointment.
  • Your RMT will also wear a mask at all times.

After Your Appointment:

  • We are discouraging the use of paper statements. From now on, your statement will be emailed to you. Please ensure that we have your current email address on file.
  • We are encouraging contactless payment options. Please use "tap" if you have it. If not, the POS machine will be disinfected after each use.
  • Our RMTs will wash their hands thoroughly (including forearms and elbows) with soap and water before and after disinfecting. They will then clean and disinfect anything used during the appointment.
  • If your RMT gives you exercise or home care advice, please maintain a 2m distance apart while you are receiving the instructions.

While some things will take some getting used to, we still want to ensure that everyone receives quality care in a comfortable and safe setting. Our goal is to remain commited to everyone's health and safety during this unprecedented time.