Our Naturopathic Doctor

About Dr. Suzanne Rohn, N.D:

Dr. Suzanne Rohn is a graduate of Lindlahr College of Naturopathic and Preventive Medicine/Johannesburg/S.A. where she obtained a dual doctorate in Natural and Preventive Medicine/ and Homeopathic Medicine. She received her Canadian degree in Naturopathic Medicine in 1983 from The Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Rohn served on the Ontario Naturopathic Board for a number of years and is currently a member of The Canadian Naturopathic Association of Naturopathic Doctors, as well as the Ontario Naturopathic Association. During years of 1993-1997, she was clinic supervisor and examiner of interns at the OCNM, as well as teaching clinical nutrition and other naturopathic courses in the field of preventive medicine to interns .

Through the years she has lectured, conducted workshops, seminars for the public on different health related topics. She has attended numerous Wellness Fairs, Total Health and has lectured for a Toronto hair mineral analysis laboratory.

For years she was a contributor and columnist to Parent Magazine as well as for other newspapers. She was part of a phone-in program on a Toronto Radio talk show and appeared on numerous TV shows. She was naturopathic advisor at Palm Health Center and a member of Vaughan Wellness Clinic/Education Center for a number of years. At present she is consultant and lecturer on prevention , health, wellness and weigh loss to corporate head offices, Ontario hospital employees and other private organizations as well as being in private practice.

Though the years Dr. Rohn attended numerous courses all over Canada/USA regarding the latest approaches to preventive and natural medicine, and life extension.

Dr. Suzanne Rohn`s field of expertise covers the following modalities :

Clinical Nutrition, Life-style modification, Diet therapy, Life extension , Anti-aging, Hair Mineral Analysis, Botanical Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine , Counseling, Acupuncture.